What is another word for re-counting?

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Re-counting is a term used in various fields, including politics, law, and sports, to refer to the act of recounting or retelling an event or situation. Synonyms for re-counting can include revising, recapitulating, reciting, rehearsing, reiterating, retelling, restating, reviewing, and summarizing. Each of these terms implies a slightly different nuance to the act of recounting, but all generally involve repeating information that was previously shared or experienced. Whether you're recounting the events of a game or retelling a story to a friend, having a variety of synonyms available can help you express yourself more effectively and add depth to your language.

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How to use "Re-counting" in context?

in the USA

Counting in the United States is often done a certain way to ensure fairness. One way this is done is by re-counting integral parts of the population, such as citizens and legal residents. This is done to make sure no one is left out or misrepresented.

Every state in the United States uses a variety of methods to ensure accurate counts of the voting population. The most common way is by conducting a census every 10 years. However, some states also use an alternative method of counting, such as the use of voter registration lists.

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