What is another word for refurbishment?

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Refurbishment is a term that describes the act of renovating or restoring something to its original condition. Sometimes, we may encounter this word too often and want to use its synonym to avoid repetition in our speech or writing. So, here are several synonyms for the word "refurbishment": renovation, restoration, makeover, rehabilitation, reconditioning, revamp, remodeling, redecoration, overhaul, rejuvenation, and renewal. These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence, and they all have the same meaning as refurbishment. Choosing a synonym can help to add more variety to your writing or speech and make it more interesting to the listeners or readers.

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    Refurbishment is the process of renovating, repairing or improving a property, building, or equipment. It is a positive term that describes the efforts taken to make something look new and improved. Antonyms for refurbishment would be words that signify a lack of renovation or improvement. These words include words such as neglect, deterioration, decline, dilapidation, or disrepair. Neglect refers to the act of ignoring something and not taking care of it. Deterioration means the process of getting worse. Decline indicates the loss of quality, value or status. Dilapidation and disrepair both describe the condition of being in need of repair or restoration.

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    She had come upon errands for her mother connected with a timorous refurbishment; and as she did these, in and out of the department stores, she had an insistent consciousness of the Sheridan Building.
    "The Turmoil A Novel"
    Booth Tarkington

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