What is another word for refurbish?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪfˈɜːbɪʃ] (IPA)

Refurbishment is a popular term used to describe the process of renovating or restoring something to a better state than it currently is. There are a handful of synonyms available that could be used interchangeably with the term refurbish. For instance, you could replace 'refurbish' with renovation, restoration, modernization, revamp, rehabilitation, reconstruction, remodeling, and renewal, among others. These words help you describe the process of reparation and give an accurate impression of the final result. By using synonyms, one can avoid repetitiveness in the writing and make it more interesting and engaging to read. Overall, the synonyms for refurbish enable you to describe this process creatively while still conveying the intended meaning accurately.

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What are the opposite words for refurbish?

The word "refurbish" means to clean, repair, or renovate something to improve its condition. The antonyms of "refurbish" would be words that mean to damage or destroy something. Some antonyms of "refurbish" include ruin, demolish, wreck, destroy, break, and spoil. These words indicate the opposite of refurbishing, that is, to harm, damage or ruin something instead of improving its condition. For instance, if you are looking to dismantle or wreck a building, you wouldn't consider refurbishing it. Antonyms are helpful when you need to express the opposite meaning of a word, thereby ensuring clearer communication.

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Usage examples for Refurbish

It was Janice who urged Hopewell Drugg to refurbish his store-painting it inside and out, rebuilding the porch, and erecting a long hitch-rail to attract farmers' trade.
"Janice Day"
Helen Beecher Long
It seemed that he might refurbish that old law practice and find his way to the partnership which Judge Tiffany foresaw at the end of one path.
"The Readjustment"
Will Irwin
Why revamp and refurbish the old platitudes and dole them out each succeeding year?
"Craftsmanship in Teaching"
William Chandler Bagley

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