What is another word for refit?

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Refit means to repair or replace something in order to make it usable again. Synonyms for this word include remodeling, renovating, refurbishing, restoring, revamping, rebuilding, and repairing. Refit is often used in the context of repairing or upgrading a ship, but it can also be used more broadly to refer to any kind of renovation or overhaul. Whether you are refitting a boat, a house, or a piece of equipment, the goal is always to make it better and more functional than it was before. So, if you need to give something a new lease on life, consider using one of these synonyms for refit.

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    The word "refit" has many definitions. It can refer to a physical repair or renovation of a ship, a building or a boat. In the context of software, a refit may mean a periodic update of the software that runs an application.

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