What is another word for Reestablishment?

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Reestablishment refers to the process of restoring something to its former state or position. There are various synonyms that can be used for this word such as restoration, revival, renewal, and resurgence. Restoration emphasizes the idea of bringing something back to its original condition, while revival suggests bringing something back to life or prominence. Renewal focuses on the idea of rejuvenation and the process of making something new again. On the other hand, resurgence emphasizes the idea of something coming back or rising again, often after a period of decline or inactivity. All these synonyms are useful in different contexts to express the idea of reestablishment.

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    With Ferguson's recent indictment of Michael Brown and the subsequent protests and riots across the United States, the public is once again debating the relevance of black law enforcement and the lack thereof in majority black communities. It is an issue that has persisted for years and years and is a direct result of the "Reestablishment" movement that swept the United States during the late nineteen eighties. The Reestablishment was a grassroots, public policy movement spearheaded by newly elected African American mayors who were determined to effect change in their respective cities. Their focus was on economic development, public safety, and quality of life issues.

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