What is another word for Reestablishment?

Pronunciation: [ɹiːɪstˈablɪʃmənt] (IPA)

Reestablishment refers to the process of restoring something to its former state or position. There are various synonyms that can be used for this word such as restoration, revival, renewal, and resurgence. Restoration emphasizes the idea of bringing something back to its original condition, while revival suggests bringing something back to life or prominence. Renewal focuses on the idea of rejuvenation and the process of making something new again. On the other hand, resurgence emphasizes the idea of something coming back or rising again, often after a period of decline or inactivity. All these synonyms are useful in different contexts to express the idea of reestablishment.

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What are the opposite words for Reestablishment?

The antonyms for the word "reestablishment" include dismantlement, disestablishment, and abolition. Dismantlement refers to the process of taking apart a structure or organization, while disestablishment means the removal of an established system or institution. Abolition, on the other hand, refers to the act of putting an end to something, such as a law or an organization. These antonyms highlight the opposite concepts to the act of reestablishment, which involves restoring something to its former state. Understanding antonyms is an important aspect of language comprehension and can help individuals broaden their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.

What are the antonyms for Reestablishment?

Usage examples for Reestablishment

In seeking means of Reestablishment free of the terrifying complications of industrial life, the mind turns to the country, to the soil, to growing things that are not visibly affected by economic cycles.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee
The organization of spiritual assemblies, the Reestablishment of the national assembly, the formation of national committees are the immediate objectives, and should, if possible be carried out with the utmost speed and vigour, for upon them will rest the expansion and consolidation of the activities of a sorely-tried Faith.
"The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 1)"
Shoghi Effendi
He has had no organization; only a practical ideal-the Reestablishment of equal opportunity.
"The Art of Public Speaking"
Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein

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