What is another word for renovation?

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Renovation is the act of improving or repairing something, whether it is a building, a room or an object. Sometimes, it is necessary to look for synonyms of the word renovation in order to add variety to our vocabulary. Some alternatives for renovation include: refurbishment, restoration, remodeling, revamping, restoration, improvement, rehabilitation, renewal, reconstruction, makeover, modernization, transformation, upgrading, and reconditioning. These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context and the intensity of the work being done. By using synonyms for renovation, we can enhance our writing and communication skills while adding more depth and nuance to our ideas.

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    Renovation has come to be a general term encompassing many aspects of home improvement. It can mean anything from updating a dated, tired dwelling with new paint, new flooring, and new cabinets, to completely rebuilding an entire home. In general, renovation can be expensive and time-consuming, but the rewards can be great. It can give homeowners a new and improved home, fresh looks and a sense of pride, and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when their project is finally completed.

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