What is another word for modernize?

Pronunciation: [mˈɒdənˌa͡ɪz] (IPA)

Modernize refers to the process of updating and bringing things up to date with current trends and technology. Some synonyms for modernize are revamp, update, upgrade, renovate, refurbish, renew, rejuvenate, reform, reorganize, and transform. Revamp suggests a complete overhaul, while update and upgrade refer to making small changes to improve a product or service. Renovate and refurbish mostly refer to physical space and equipment, whereas renew and rejuvenate are used to describe revitalizing something that has become outdated or worn out. Reform and reorganize indicate a change in the way things are done, while transform signifies a significant change from one state to another.

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Modernize is a term that means to update or bring something up-to-date. Antonyms to the word modernize include traditionalize, archaicize or historicize. Traditionalize signifies the process of making something adhere to traditional values, norms and customs. Archaicize refers to the use of old-fashioned or outdated methods, techniques, or styles of doing things. Historicize implies a focus on the past and preserving it, as opposed to looking towards the future. By focusing on antonyms to modernize, we can understand that while change is important, it is also important to value the past and preserve traditions and techniques that may have value.

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Usage examples for Modernize

The best restorers of old fabrics are those who work with affectionate loyalty as nearly as possible on the lines of the first builders, averse to any change which is made merely for change's sake, not so anxious to modernize as to restore, and yet always awake to the fact that what they have been set to do is to make the building once more what it was first meant to be, a practicable shelter.
"A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer"
William Reed Huntington
"He leans in no direction, except that which will unite and modernize North Africa.
"Border, Breed Nor Birth"
Dallas McCord Reynolds
In the automobile industry, we have worked- without resort to import quotas-to strengthen the industry's ability to modernize and compete effectively.
"State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter

Famous quotes with Modernize

  • The Japanese keenly learned from Western civilisation in a bid to modernize and preserve the nation.
  • There are not as many women who support the national defense budget now as men. I really think there is a gender gap in the support for the large expenditures that are necessary to modernize the force.
    Ted Stevens
  • Foreign capital to build new cinemas will help modernize China's aging cinema infrastructure, attract Chinese consumers back into cinemas, and increase demand for U.S. films.
    Jack Valenti
  • Here, India will be a global player of considerable political and economic impact. As a result, the need to explicate what it means to be an Indian (and what the ‘Indianness’ of the Indian culture consists of) will soon become the task of the entire intelligentsia in India. In this process, they will confront the challenge of responding to what the West has so far thought and written about India. A response is required because the theoretical and textual study of the Indian culture has been undertaken mostly by the West in the last three hundred years. What is more, it will also be a challenge because the study of India has largely occurred within the cultural framework of America and Europe. In fulfilling this task, the Indian intelligentsia of tomorrow willhave to solve a puzzle: what were the earlier generations of Indian thinkers busy with, in the course of the last two to three thousand years? The standard textbook story, which has schooled multiple generations including mine, goes as follows: caste system dominates India, strange and grotesque deities are worshipped in strange andgrotesque ways, women are discriminated against, the practice of widow-burning exists and corruption is rampant. If these properties characterize India of today and yesterday, the puzzle about what the earlier generation of Indian thinkers were doing turns into a very painful realization: while the intellectuals of Europeanculture were busy challenging and changing the world, most thinkersin Indian culture were apparently busy sustaining and defendingundesirable and immoral practices. Of course there is our Buddha andour Gandhi but that is apparently all we have: exactly one Buddha and exactly one Gandhi. If this portrayal is true, the Indians have butone task, to modernize India, and the Indian culture but one goal: to become like the West as quickly as possible.
    S. N. Balagangadhara

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