What is another word for see through?

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[ sˈiː θɹˈuː], [ sˈiː θɹˈuː], [ s_ˈiː θ_ɹ_ˈuː]

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    Synonyms for See through:

    How to use "See through" in context?

    There are certain objects that are made of transparent materials, such as glass, plastics, or films. When light passes through these materials, the viewer can see through them to the underlying material or objects beyond.

    This property of transparent materials can be useful in various ways. For example, glass windows can let in light and allow people to see out, while plastic bags can allow consumers to see what they are buying. Transparent materials can also be used in art to showcase objects or scenes behind them.

    Transparent materials can have some drawbacks, however.

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