What is another word for articulates?

Pronunciation: [ɑːtˈɪkjʊlˌe͡ɪts] (IPA)

The word "articulates" means to express in words or to clearly and distinctly pronounce words. There are many synonyms for the word "articulates" such as enunciate, articulate, express, vocalize, verbalize, pronounce, state, utter, announce, convey, declare, proclaim, communicate, and vent. These synonyms convey different shades of meaning, ranging from expressing something aloud with clarity and precision to conveying an idea or message effectively. In general, synonyms for "articulates" emphasize the importance of speaking clearly and effectively to convey a message or express an opinion. By using different synonyms, you can create variety in your writing and communicate your ideas more precisely.

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Usage examples for Articulates

The red-eyed and tear-stained boy is in bad trim for giving evidence, but under exhortation to speak up and tell the lady he articulates his story through his sobs.
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan
"The children have hardly had a bite all day," articulates Sarah.
"Stories and Pictures"
Isaac Loeb Peretz
The injunction, trite though it sound, articulates a moral very far from philistine.
"Prophets of Dissent Essays on Maeterlinck, Strindberg, Nietzsche and Tolstoy"
Otto Heller

Famous quotes with Articulates

  • It's fabulous when you do that, when you discover somebody who you like, when you kind of feel those feelings, even though he articulates them better.
    Bryan Ferry
  • In Mark Satin articulates some of the ethics and values that would likely form the platform of a new society in harmony with diverse spiritual beliefs. He sites [] four "New Age ethics" as (1) the self-development ethic ...; (2) the ecology ethic ...; (3) the self-reliance / cooperation ethic ...; and (4) the nonviolence ethic.
    Mark Satin

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