What is another word for sanctions?

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Sanctions, which refer to measures taken by a government or international organization to restrict or control a country, group, or individual's behavior or actions, are essential tools for maintaining international order. They can include embargoes, trade restrictions, financial penalties, and diplomatic measures. A synonym that is frequently used in place of sanctions is penalties, which refers to a form of punishment imposed for violating rules or laws. Other similar words include restrictions, prohibitions, deterrents, and reprisals. The use of these synonyms is important to communicate the severity of consequences for violating international norms and deterring countries or individuals from engaging in harmful actions.

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    Usage examples for Sanctions

    The risk of imprisonment never occurs, indeed, to people of high character, and in the same way the ultimate sanctions of the law are not usually present in the minds of men in English public life.
    "The Government of England (Vol. I)"
    A. Lawrence Lowell
    He has no wife to share his sorrows, or to partake his joys; for neither law nor public opinion sanctions the marriage of slaves!
    "Slavery and the Constitution"
    William Ingersoll Bowditch
    "Then," said Stephen, "what Mr. Brinsmade sanctions is not for me to question."
    "The Crisis, Volume 7"
    Winston Churchill

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