What is another word for remains?

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Finding synonyms for the word "remains" can be helpful in writing to prevent repetitive language use. Some synonyms to consider include leftovers, remnants, residue, fragments, relics, remains, scraps, debris, vestiges, and traces. Leftovers are what are left after the main meal, remnants are what is left of something that has been destroyed, and a residue is what is left over after a chemical reaction. Fragments are pieces that have been broken off from a whole, relics are historical or cultural items that were once important, and scraps are small fragments of something. Debris is material left over from a disaster, vestiges are remnants of something that is lost or extinct, and traces are evidence of something that existed before.

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How to use "Remains" in context?

What is left behind after somebody dies? Mostly, this is composed of the deceased's body, which is sometimes cremated, but often reduces to bones. All of the deceased's personal belongings are also part of the remains. These can include clothes, jewelry, and other possessions. The remains may also contain medical records, photographs, and other papers. In some cases, the remains are stored in a tomb or other monument.

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