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"Contributes" is a versatile word that refers to someone or something that makes a valuable contribution towards a cause, project, or goal. There are various synonyms to this word, which include "donates," "offers," "helps," "conveys," "submits," "provides," "adds," "brings," "devotes," and "conveys." These synonyms reflect the different ways in which an individual or entity can contribute to any given task. Whether one offers financial assistance or physical help, every contribution counts. It is important to recognize and appreciate the various ways in which people contribute towards a common goal. The use of synonyms provides a wider range of words to express how someone plays an important role in contributing to something bigger than themselves.

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How to use "Contributes" in context?

Contributions to society are different from one person to the next. They can vary greatly in terms of the amount of time, money, and effort they put in, and they often depend on the person's individual characteristics, interests, and background. People who are successful in contributing to society often have a combination of skills, abilities, and traits that make them valuable contributors.

Some of the many skills and abilities that can contribute to a person's ability to contribute to society are creativity, problem solving, leadership, and communication.

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