What is another word for condone?

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Condone is a word that explains the act of forgiving something, typically an offense or wrongdoing, without any punishment or consequences. However, there are many synonyms of the word condone that can be utilized in different contexts to avoid repetition. Approve, pardon, excuse, overlook, tolerate, turn a blind eye to, indulge or ignore can be used as an alternative to condone. Although each refers to a different approach to forgiving, all these synonyms do imply a degree of acceptance or consenting to something illicit that society might perceive as unethical. It is up to the speaker or writer to determine which word could be employed to promote their desired sentiment.

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    The word "condone" is a verb meaning "to pardon or forgive." It comes from the Latin word "condonare," which means "to approve." A person may condone an action if they believe it is justified or if they are not bothered by it.

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