What is another word for convene?

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Convene is a word that means to gather, assemble, or call a meeting. Here are some synonyms for the word convene: convene, call, summon, assemble, gather, meet, congregate, cluster, group, flock, amass, muster, rally, collect, converge, organize, mobilize, marshal, bring together, unite, combine, hold a meeting, come together, get together. All of these words describe the act of bringing people, groups or ideas together in a common space to exchange ideas or information. Whether it's a formal or informal gathering, the act of convening is important to build community and facilitate communication.

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    Convene, which means to come together or gather, has various antonyms. These include disperse, scatter, disband, separate, and dissipate. Disperse refers to the act of spreading out in different directions. Scatter means to throw or distribute things randomly in different directions. Disband, on the other hand, means to break up or dissolve a group. Separate refers to the act of dividing something into different parts or sections. Dissipate means to scatter or disperse gradually until disappearing. All these antonyms depict a sense of dispersing or separating, precisely the opposite of convening.

    Usage examples for Convene

    At Zeist, where there is a settlement of Moravians, the ministers, finding the Friends desired to convene their members in a meeting for worship, readily consented.
    "Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel"
    John Yeardley
    The governor was compelled to direct the legislature to convene again at Boston.
    "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution"
    L. Carroll Judson
    Frost submitted a memorial to Governor Jackson, in which were the following recommendations: 1. convene the General Assembly at once.
    "The Struggle for Missouri"
    John McElroy

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