What is another word for convene?

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Convene is a word that means to gather, assemble, or call a meeting. Here are some synonyms for the word convene: convene, call, summon, assemble, gather, meet, congregate, cluster, group, flock, amass, muster, rally, collect, converge, organize, mobilize, marshal, bring together, unite, combine, hold a meeting, come together, get together. All of these words describe the act of bringing people, groups or ideas together in a common space to exchange ideas or information. Whether it's a formal or informal gathering, the act of convening is important to build community and facilitate communication.

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    Convene is an act of assembling, typically for the purpose of deliberation. It may also refer to an organization's decision-making body, as well as the meeting space typically leased for such an event.

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