What is another word for banish?

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Banish is a word that refers to exiling, expelling, or casting off someone or something from a particular place. There are several synonyms for this word, including "exile," "oust," "expel," "send away," "evict," "remove," "drive out," "eject," "reject," "bar," "deport," and "displace." Each of these words has slightly different meanings, but they all relate to the idea of forcing someone or something to leave a particular space. Choosing the right synonym depends on the context of the sentence and the intended meaning behind the banishment.

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    Synonyms for Banish:

    How to use "Banish" in context?

    Banish, verb:

    1. To drive (a person) away from a place or group; push or force out of existence.

    2. To make (something) stop being present or effective.

    3. To cause (an unpleasant or unpleasant feeling) by saying or doing something.

    4. To cause (someone) to become unhappy or disgusted.

    5. To prohibit or restrict (something).

    6. To deprive (a person) of something they need, want, or are entitled to.

    7. To eject (a person) from an airplane, a train, or a stadium.

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