What is another word for sooty?

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Sooty refers to something or someone that is dark, dirty or blackened with soot. Some synonyms for sooty include smoky, murky, grimy, dingy, soiled, and mucky. These words describe the dirt and grime that cover an object or a person. Sooty has a negative connotation, and these synonyms highlight the uncleanliness and unpleasantness associated with it. Smoky emphasizes the hazy and suffocating nature of soot, while murky highlights its obscuring quality. Together, these synonyms paint a picture of something that is unclean, polluted, and in need of cleaning. If you encounter something that looks sooty, reach for a rag and some cleaner to remove the grime.

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    The word "sooty" typically means stained with soot. Soot can be made from burning wood, oil, or coal.

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