What is another word for ashen?

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[ ˈaʃən], [ ˈaʃən], [ ˈa_ʃ_ə_n]

Ashen is an adjective that describes something that is pale or gray in color, often due to illness, shock, or death. Synonyms for ashen include pallid, wan, ghastly, ashy, blanched, cadaverous, ashy, colorless, drained, white, ghostly, and livid. Pallid specifically describes a paleness that indicates poor health or emotion, while wan emphasizes a sickly or exhausted appearance. Ghastly suggests a disturbing, ghostlike quality. Ashy and blanched both indicate a lack of color. Cadaverous denotes a ghastly, deathlike appearance. Livid describes a bluish-gray color that indicates extreme anger or frustration. All of these words capture the eerie and unsettling quality of ashen skin or faces.

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Ash is a light, fluffy white powder that is the product of the oxidation of wood. It is composed of about 79% water vapor, 19% carbon, and small amounts of other elements.

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