What is another word for some?

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[ s_ˈʌ_m], [ sˈʌm], [ sˈʌm]

Synonyms for Some:

plural (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Some:

  1. hum, chum, mum, gum, numb, bum, sum, drum, crumb, from, thumb, slum, strum, glum, plum, come, rum, dumb, plumb, scum;
  2. alum, succumb, become;

Quotes for Some:

  1. People of humor are always in some degree people of genius. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
  2. To some lawyers, all facts are created equal. Felix Frankfurter.
  3. When a woman gives birth to a child, the child needs to be able to digest the mother's milk; but when this child is old enough to begin to eat other foods, there is some switching off of this ability to consume milk. Marvin Harris.