What is another word for calloused?

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The word "calloused" refers to skin that has become tough and thick due to repeated friction or pressure. Some synonyms for "calloused" include "hardened", "thickened", "coarse", "rough", and "toughened". Other similar words that can be used interchangeably with "calloused" include "roughened", "leathery", "firm", "unyielding", "unfeeling", and "stiff". These synonyms are often used to describe physical objects or tangible things that have become tough and durable over time. However, "calloused" can also be used to describe someone's personality or behavior, such as a calloused attitude towards others, which suggests a lack of compassion or empathy.

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    When we think of calluses, we typically think of feet that are rough and textured from constant wear. However, calluses can form on other parts of the body as well. In fact, calluses can form on any area of the skin that is exposed to friction. This could include the palms of your hands, the back of your calves, or the soles of your feet.

    Calluses are a result of repeated friction. They form when the skin is in direct contact with an object or surface, and the friction is continuous or increased over time. The friction causes the skin to become tough and thick.

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