What is another word for thrusting?

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Thrusting can refer to a sudden push or a forceful movement, and there are several alternative words that can be used to describe this action. Some synonyms for thrusting include shoving, pushing, driving, propelling, and jabbing. These words can be used to give more context and emphasis to a particular action, depending on the tone and setting of the situation. For example, a character might be described as jabbing a knife into a piece of meat, whereas a car might be propelled forward with a sudden burst of speed. Choosing the right synonym can help to create a vivid and engaging description, and bring a story or scene to life.

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Usage examples for Thrusting

Athena Maule had no use for this type of man, and as for the particular specimen who was now fussing round his two companions, thrusting illustrated papers into their hands, pulling up and down the window, and offering to change seats with them-she remembered that she had snubbed him once, cruelly.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
thrusting them aside, she leaned back in her chair and presently decided, with the renewal of an existing grievance, that the situation was the result of Elcot's absurd retiring habits.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss
There was a large fire burning, and in front of it, kneeling on the floor, with their backs to Peter, were two men, and they were thrusting papers into the fire.
Hugh Walpole

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