What is another word for scathing?

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Scathing is an adjective that describes something that is extremely critical, harsh, or damaging. Some synonyms for scathing include blistering, cutting, caustic, biting, stinging, searing, withering, and scorching. When you want to express strong disapproval or dissatisfaction about something or someone, you can use any of these words instead of scathing. The word blistering, for instance, can be used to describe a severe reprimand or criticism. Cutting can emphasize the precision and clarity of the critique. Caustic and biting imply a sarcastic, mocking tone, whereas stinging and searing suggest the pain or intensity that the criticism invokes. With these alternatives, you can express criticism with a variety of shades and nuances.

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    Many people equate the word "scathing" with harsh. In fact, the word can carry a great deal of emotional weight. It is not just an adjective to describe a harsh verbal reaction. Scathing is an intense and scathing form of criticism. It is the harshest of all the types of criticism and it is the most destructive. It can easily destroy relationships, careers, and even families. The person delivering the scathing criticism does not hold back. The words are sharp and cutting, and they leave a lasting impression. The critic is not interested in building relationships or getting the other person's side of the story.

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