What is another word for Shunting?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈʌntɪŋ] (IPA)

Shunting is a word that refers to moving or pushing something aside in order to clear a path or switch it to a different track. Synonyms for shunting include diverting, rerouting, sidetracking, switching, and repositioning. These words are often used in the context of transportation, such as moving trains or boats from one route to another. Shunting can also refer to diverting attention or resources from one area to another. Other synonyms for this usage include reallocating, transferring, and redirecting. In all cases, shunting implies a deliberate movement or redirection of something in order to achieve a specific purpose.

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    railway signaling, train operations.

What are the opposite words for Shunting?

Shunting means moving or diverting something to a different path, and its antonyms are terms that refer to inaction or a lack of movement. These include the words underuse, disuse, and neglect. Underuse means not making the most of something, disuse suggests that something is no longer being used for its original purpose, while neglect implies a lack of care and attention. Laziness can also be considered an antonym for shunting, as it denotes a lack of effort or willingness to move something. Finally, entrenchment, which means reinforcing or cementing one's current position, can be regarded as an antonym for shunting because it implies that no movement is required.

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Usage examples for Shunting

Nothing daunted, the railway engineers indulged in a considerable amount of Shunting, and decided to take a portion of the waiting train back with the troop train.
"The Story of the "9th King's" in France"
Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts
Here a locomotive puffed, Shunting cars; there, a steam-jet flung its plumes of snowy vapor into air; yonder, a steam hammer thundered on a massive anvil.
"The Air Trust"
George Allan England
It was all very confusing to Phil, and he was in constant fear of being run down by switching engines that were Shunting cars back and forth as fast as they were loaded, rapidly making up the circus train.
Darlington, Edgar B. P.

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