What is another word for heighten?

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Heighten is a verb that means to increase or intensify the magnitude or degree of something. Synonyms for heighten include enhance, amplify, boost, escalate, magnify, strengthen, augment, elevate, intensify, increase, uplift, and exalt. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation and can be used in different contexts depending on what is being heightened. For example, "magnify" might be used to describe increasing the size of an image, while "elevate" might be used to describe raising someone's status or position. Regardless of which synonym is used, the key idea is that something is being made greater in some way.

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How to use "Heighten" in context?

Heighten is a verb that means to increase the intensity, reach, or magnitude of something. It can refer to increasing the strength, intensity, or volume of something; rising to a higher level; or intensifying the flavors of something. When used as a verb, "heighten" is often followed by an object or action of increase. Heighten can also be used as a noun to refer to something that has been increased in intensity or magnitude.

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