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Slacken is a transitive verb which means to loosen, slow down or reduce the pressure or speed. Synonyms for slacken are abundant, and they include easing off, easing up, decelerating, slowing up, loosing, holding back, detaining, hindering, postponing and delaying. These words also connote a sense of relaxation or reduced intensity. For instance, easing up implies a subtle reduction of stress, while decelerating connotes a gradual reduction in pressure or speed. Similarly, holding back implies a brief pause or interruption, while hindering suggests an impediment or obstacle. Overall, the use of synonyms can help add variety and clarity to your writing while conveying your intended message effectively.

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How to use "Slacken" in context?

Though not an agent of death in the traditional sense, the modern world has seen an increase in the use of the word "slacken." In its most basic sense, slacken means to loosen or remove the tension or force that is holding something in place. In the fitness world, slacken refers to the act of gradually and safely decreasing the intensity of a workout. One of the primary benefits of slackening your workout is that it can help prevent injury.

Another, more general, use of the word slacken is to describe a state of relaxation or ease.

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