What is another word for prettify?

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When it comes to describing something that's been made aesthetically pleasing, "prettify" can come across as a bit simplistic. Fortunately, the English language is full of synonyms to help paint a more vivid picture. "Beautify," for example, is a great alternative that captures the idea of improvement through aesthetic means. "Enhance," "ornament," and "adorn" are also useful and can be used to describe not only objects, but also people, spaces, and even language itself. Additionally, "embellish," "garnish," and "decorate" can add a touch of flair to any description. No matter what synonym you choose, it's always helpful to have options when trying to convey a specific tone or mood.

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How to use "Prettify" in context?

Prettify is an online tool that helps you clean up and standardize your text. It automatically replaces common misspellings, truncates long words, and removes old style citations. Prettify also provides handy suggestions for improving readability.

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