What is another word for shrouding?

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Shrouding is a term that refers to the covering or wrapping of something in secrecy. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this word, including concealing, obscuring, veiling, masking, and cloaking. Each of these terms describes the act of hiding or covering something, whether it be a physical object or an abstract idea. Shrouding can also be associated with mourning or burial, which makes words like enshrouding and entombing appropriate synonyms for this word. In summary, shrouding is a term that can be described by a number of synonyms, all of which convey the idea of hiding or wrapping something in secrecy or mourning.

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What are the hypernyms for Shrouding?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for shrouding?

Shrouding refers to covering or obscuring something completely. The antonyms for shrouding include revealing, uncovering, exposing, unveiling, and unmasking. These words indicate the opposite of shrouding as they mean to bring something to light or to make it visible. Revealing implies that something that was hidden or unknown is now brought to light. Uncovering means to remove a covering from something to expose it. Exposing refers to making something visible or apparent. Unveiling suggests the disclosing of something hidden or secret. Unmasking refers to revealing the true character or identity of something or someone. These antonyms reveal different ways of making something known or visible.

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Usage examples for Shrouding

The day, bright at first, passed on, when a thick mist began to rise, shrouding the surrounding country.
"Stories of Animal Sagacity"
W.H.G. Kingston
The rain had chosen that moment to begin to gush, shrouding everything in sheets of water.
Thomas Hoover
The young man, without answering, bowed low before the Superior, and again shrouding his features in his cloak, took his way towards a fallen part of the garden-wall, and walking rapidly onward, found himself on the road towards the residence of Carvalho, before he allowed a definite thought to take possession of his mind.
"The Prime Minister"
W.H.G. Kingston

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