What is another word for encase?

Pronunciation: [ɛnkˈe͡ɪs] (IPA)

Encase is a verb that means to surround or cover something completely. There are several synonyms for the word encase that can be used in various situations. Some of these synonyms include envelop, wrap, shroud, clothe, sheathe, and enclose. Envelop refers to covering or surrounding something in a way that it can't be seen. Wrap means to cover or enclose something thoroughly with paper or fabric. Shroud means to cover something completely, often implying a sense of mystery or secrecy. Clothe means to cover someone or something with clothing, and sheathe means to cover something with a protective covering or sheath. Enclose is to surround or confine something completely.

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What are the opposite words for encase?

The word "encase" refers to covering or enclosing something completely. The antonyms for this word are "uncover," "unveil," and "expose." These words signify removing the outer layer or revealing something that was hidden or protected by a covering. Another antonym for "encase" is "discard," which means getting rid of something altogether, without covering or protecting it. Similarly, "free" can be used as an antonym for "encase," as it denotes releasing from containment or confinement. In summary, antonyms for "encase" refer to exposing, discarding, or freeing from a covering or protective layer.

Usage examples for Encase

Wherefore no strength of man shall once avail To encase his body with a seemly tomb, But outcast on the wide and watery sand, He'll feed the birds that batten on the shore.
"The Seven Plays in English Verse"
Angelo cut a stout cloth to encase each of her feet, and bound them in it.
"Vittoria, v4"
George Meredith
There we lay for hour after hour, unable to see, unable to talk because of the roaring noise about us, and only from time to time lifting ourselves a little upon our hands and knees to disturb the weight of sand that accumulated on our bodies, lest it should encase us in a living tomb.
"Queen Sheba's Ring"
H. Rider Haggard

Famous quotes with Encase

  • Eight solid light-years of lead...is the thickness of that metal in which you would need to encase yourself if you wanted to keep from being touched by neutrinos. I guess the little fuckers are everywhere.
    Michael Chabon
  • Amid all these things, beyond all these things every man and nation, every plant and animal, every god and demon, charges upward like an army inflamed by an incomprehensible, unconquerable Spirit. We struggle to make this Spirit visible, to give it a face, to encase it in words, in allegories and thoughts and incantations, that it may not escape us. But it cannot be contained in the twentysix letters of an alphabet which we string out in rows; we know that all these words, these allegories, these thoughts, and these incantations are, once more, but a new mask with which to conceal the Abyss.
    Nikos Kazantzakis
  • When you were a child, I loved you. I loved your grave face and the confidence with which you came to me, asking me to mend your broken toys. And then, after eight years' absence, you came again and sat here, and brought me the thoughts that were in your mind. And your mind, Renisenb, is not like the minds of the rest of your family. It does not turn in upon itself, seeking to encase itself in narrow walls. Your mind is like my mind, it looks over the River, seeing a world of changes, of new ideas - seeing a world where all things are possible to those with courage and vision...
    Agatha Christie
  • We are fascinated, all of us, by the implacable otherness of others. And we wish to penetrate by hypothesis, by daydream, by scientific investigation those leaden walls that encase the human spirit, that define it and guard it and hold it forever inaccessible. ("I love you," someone says, and instantly we begin to wonder--"Well, how much?"--and when the answer comes--"With my whole heart"--we then wonder about the wholeness of a fickle heart.) Our lovers, our husbands, our wives, our farthers, our gods--they are all beyond us. (p. 101 )
    Tim O'Brien (author)

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