What is another word for bedim?

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[ bɪdˈɪm], [ bɪdˈɪm], [ b_ɪ_d_ˈɪ_m]

Bedim refers to the process of making something unclear or obscure, often by darkening or dimming the light. Some synonyms for bedim include darken, dim, shade, obscure, cloud, and veil. These words can all be used to describe situations where something is made less visible, less distinct, or less clear. Darken and dim both refer to a reduction in light, while shading, obscuring, clouding, and veiling suggest a loss of clarity or definition. Whether describing the atmosphere of a moody film, the hazy glow of a sunset, or the muddled thoughts of a confused mind, these synonyms can help writers convey the sense of something being bedimmed.

Synonyms for Bedim:

How to use "Bedim" in context?

The suffix -dim is used to indicate when a word has been diminished in quantity or quality. For example, the word "bedim" means "to faint" or "to decrease." When used adjectivally, bedim typically means "slightly faint" or "a little bit weak.

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