What is another word for be fog?

Pronunciation: [biː fˈɒɡ] (IPA)

The word "be fog" refers to a state of being obscured or unclear, often due to the presence of fog or mist. Some common synonyms for this term include "enveloped," "shrouded," "veiled," "obscured," "covered," and "obfuscated." Other possible alternatives include phrases such as "lost in a haze," "clouded over," "blurred," "hazy," "misty," and "foggy." These words and phrases can all be used in situations where visibility or clarity is reduced, such as driving through dense fog or trying to understand complex information. By using different synonyms for "be fog," writers or speakers can add variety and nuance to their language and better convey the specific meaning and tone they wish to express.

Synonyms for Be fog:

What are the hypernyms for Be fog?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for be fog?

The antonyms for the word "be fog" are clear, clarify, illuminate, and unveil. To clear means to remove clouds, haze, or obstruction from something. Clarify means to make something understandable by explaining it in a clear and simple way. Illuminate means to light up something, providing greater visibility and insight. Unveil means to reveal something for the first time, removing a veil or cover that has previously concealed it. These antonyms provide an opposite meaning to the word "be fog," which means to cover or surround something with fog or mist, making it difficult to see or understand.

What are the antonyms for Be fog?

Famous quotes with Be fog

  • Summer fog. It leached all color and substance from the world, leaving only grays. Lead gray tombstone gray cobweb gray ash gray snot gray dust gray corpse gray. It was unheard-of that there be fog at this time of the year, late August. So it had to be another portent — as dire a one as the death of the One-Handed Warrior. There were many who said that the fog had its origin in the supercooled ashes of the hero: each molecule of his scattered body accreting water vapor, each tiny relic drawing to itself the air's own tears to fashion this wide-spreading shroud over the Many-Colored Land.
    Julian May

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