What is another word for mutation?

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Mutation refers to a process in which genetic material undergoes alterations or changes due to external influences or errors in gene replication. This word can be used to describe the numerous variations that occur in our DNA that give us distinct physical characteristics. Other synonyms for mutation include genetic variation, genetic change, and genetic mutation. Genetic variation refers to the differences in genetic material that exist between individuals or populations, while genetic change describes the difference between two successive generations. Lastly, genetic mutation describes changes that occur within a single allele in a single generation due to environmental factors or other mechanisms. All these synonyms are used interchangeably to describe the process of genetic variation and change.

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    The word "mutation" refers to a genetic variation or a deviation from the normal form, structure or order of something. Its antonyms are words that describe consistency, stability, uniformity and regularity. For instance, words like unchanging, constant, remain and conform are antonyms of mutation. These words imply a lack of variation, irregularity or change. Other antonyms of mutation include consistency, permanence, stability and uniformity. The opposite of mutation is a state of being fixed, regular or standardized. It is important to note that although mutation can sometimes have negative connotations, it is a natural process that can lead to beneficial adaptations and evolution.

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    The wintry torrent of endless mutation sweeps all round in an eternal vortex.
    "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
    Samuel Dill
    But the system of tyranny would be more firm and durable even than it is, did not this mutation of property daily exist; and were not the old and honourable families, as they call themselves, brought to ruin by their foolish and truly dishonourable descendants.
    "Anna St. Ives"
    Thomas Holcroft
    Of what the world has been, through this series of never beginning never ending mutation, she can form nothing more than conjecture: yet she cannot but think that the golden age is a supposition treated at present with ridicule it does not deserve.
    "Anna St. Ives"
    Thomas Holcroft

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