What is another word for unzipped?

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Looking for synonyms to use instead of the word "unzipped"? Here are a few options: 1. Opened - similar to unzipping, this word suggests separating two sections or unfastening something. 2. Undone - typically used to describe a zipper that has been unfastened, undone is another word that works in place of unzipped. 3. Unfastened - when it comes to a jacket or similar garment, unfastened is a good choice for letting someone know the zipper is open. 4. Unclasped - while this word generally refers to jewelry or other fastenings, it can also work as an alternative to unzipped. 5. Revealed - a bit more poetic, revealed can be used to describe what lies beneath a zipped-up garment or concealed object.

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    Since the early 2000s, the term "unzipped" has been used to describe someone or something that is open and exposed. In the advertising world, the term is often used to describe an ad that is easy to see and understand. The term is also often used to describe a situation or an individual that is easily accessible.

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