What is another word for come apart?

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Come apart is a common phrase used to describe an object or structure falling apart or disintegrating. There are several synonyms for come apart that can be used, such as disintegrate, break down, collapse, crumble, decay, fall to pieces, fragment, split, and break apart. Disintegrate is often used in scientific contexts to describe the process of breaking down into smaller components. Collapse is usually used to describe buildings or structures that give way suddenly. Crumble and decay are used to describe gradual deterioration, while fragment and split refer to breaking into smaller pieces. Overall, these synonyms provide a variety of ways to describe objects that have come apart.

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    What are the hypernyms for Come apart?

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    What are the opposite words for come apart?

    The opposing term for the word "come apart" is "hold together". It means remaining intact, firmly connected or firmly bonded as one. When something is holding together, it could mean that it has not succumbed to any tearing, ripping, or breaking. For instance, a glue that holds two objects together is an excellent example of "hold together." In some cases, "hold together" is used to describe the unity or togetherness of a group of people or an organization. In summary, while "come apart" describes the disintegrating state of something or someone, "hold together" describes the strong bonding or unifying state of an object, idea, or people.

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