What is another word for Vocalized?

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[ vˈə͡ʊkə͡lˌa͡ɪzd], [ vˈə‍ʊkə‍lˌa‍ɪzd], [ v_ˈəʊ_k_əl_ˌaɪ_z_d]

Vocalized is a verb that means to produce a sound or utterance with the voice. There are various synonyms for this word, including verbalized, articulated, pronounced, enunciated, expressed, and voiced. These words are commonly used in both written and spoken language to signify the act of communicating through speech. While each of these synonyms differs slightly in meaning, they all refer to the same action of speaking or making a sound with one's voice. Overall, it is important to have a wide range of vocabulary to effectively convey thoughts and ideas, and using different synonyms for vocalized is a great way to do so.

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