What is another word for operatic?

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The word "operatic" is often used to describe things that are grand, melodramatic, or over-the-top. Synonyms for this word could include "dramatic," "theatrical," "flashy," or "exaggerated." Other possible synonyms might include "grandiose," "epic," "spectacular," or "breathtaking." These words evoke a sense of drama or spectacle, often with a larger-than-life quality that can be both awe-inspiring and overwhelming. Additional synonyms might include "majestic," "heroic," "romantic," or "poetic," which all suggest a larger-than-life quality and a sense of grandeur or awe. Ultimately, the right synonym for "operatic" will depend on the context in which it is being used.

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    The term 'operatic' connotes grandeur, melodrama, and theatricality. It suggests the music or style of the operas, which is usually characterized by full orchestration and strong vocals. On the other hand, the antonyms of 'operatic' offer a range of contrasting qualities. For instance, 'minimalist,' which suggests simplicity and restraint; 'monotone,' which refers to a lack of variation in tone or style; 'unadorned,' which implies plainness and simplicity. Other antonyms of 'operatic' include 'dry,' 'mundane,' 'reserved,' 'stoical,' and 'austere.' Each of these opposites presents an alternative image to the grandiose and intense connotations of operatic.

    Usage examples for Operatic

    "And you know, of course, that Margaret has prospects"-he did not, and was all ears-"if she will only leave the operatic stage.
    James Huneker
    "I suppose I ought to do the conventional operatic thing," he murmured-"cry aloud, 'Let me kneel forever here.
    James Huneker
    "And a good thing it was for the operatic stage," chuckled the man.
    James Huneker

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