What is another word for stressed?

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Stressed is a common word in our daily lives that defines an unpleasant feeling of being under pressure or tension. However, there are several synonyms for stressed that can perfectly describe the same feeling. One of the alternatives could be "anxious," which means feeling worried, uneasy, or nervous about something. Another synonym for stressed could be "overwhelmed," which implies being submerged with too much work or tasks. "Frazzled" is also another synonym for stressed that describes being worn out or strained. Lastly, the word "burdened" is an apt synonym of stressed, which means feeling weighed down by emotional or physical stress. Overall, there are many other synonyms of stressed that can be used, depending on how the feeling is perceived.

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What are the opposite words for stressed?

Stressed is the state of feeling overwhelmed or pressured due to various reasons such as work, family, or personal issues. Some antonyms for stressed include the word comfortable, which means feeling relaxed and free from any worries, and the word content, which means feeling satisfied with what one has in life. Another word that can be used as an antonym for stressed is serene, which means feeling calm and peaceful. Additionally, the word carefree can also serve as an antonym for stressed, which means having no worries or troubles. All these antonyms can be used to describe a state of a person who is not under any pressure or stress.

Usage examples for Stressed

Clapp had stressed "learning to think with lightning speed on your feet."
Durham, Andrew Everett
It seemed to him that Bimble had stressed the word if, as though a condition were implied.
"The Gray Phantom's Return"
Herman Landon
She could imagine now the quiet significance with which she would have stressed the phrase, "Martin, I want to talk to you."
Kathleen Norris

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