What is another word for drove?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈə͡ʊv] (IPA)

Drove is a simple word that can be perceived in many different ways. Synonyms for drove include words that can express different degrees of intensity or motive. A few synonyms for this word would include "motivated," "compelled," and "stimulated." Each of these words carries a slightly different meaning that can help clarify the intended message. For instance, the word "motivated" implies that the person had a preexisting drive while "compelled" suggests a sense of urgency. Meanwhile, "stimulated" can refer to something like a spark of creativity or a sudden idea. No matter which synonym you choose, it's always important to ensure that the meaning is clear and well-defined.

Synonyms for Drove:

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Usage examples for Drove

I don't think it is ten minutes since we drove by.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
He drove them into a corner of the field and managed to get his hand on one.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
So Venables informed Miranda as they drove to their hotel.
"The Furnace"
Rose Macaulay

Famous quotes with Drove

  • In Sierra Leone last year there was just the two of us hanging out of a helicopter and, when we were in Bosnia, I drove an armoured vehicle, thousands of miles.
    Kate Adie
  • We don't want to go back to the same policies and the same practices that drove our economy into a ditch, that punished the middle class, and that led us to this catastrophe. We have to keep moving forward.
    David Axelrod
  • It was never the fame or fortune that drove me to act. It was something I love and enjoy doing it. A lot of people identify who they are by what they do and that's not me. It's what I do but not who I am. Who I am is a parent. I'm a family man.
    Adam Baldwin
  • That difficult start drove me on to inspire children and let them know that it is never to late to repair a bad experience at school, and once you get your head down and start to read books, you can really achieve.
    Johnny Ball
  • I love what I do, so it's not tiring. If I worked at a computer or drove a truck, I'd be dead in a week.
    Karen Black

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