What is another word for why and wherefore?

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[ wˌa͡ɪ and wˈe͡əfɔː], [ wˌa‍ɪ and wˈe‍əfɔː], [ w_ˌaɪ_ a_n_d w_ˈeə_f_ɔː]

Synonyms for Why and wherefore:

How to use "Why and wherefore" in context?

The why and wherefore Clauses

We use the why and wherefore clauses all the time without realizing it. Sometimes they are called hedges, but they serve a much more important purpose than that.

A why clause gives information about the reason for something. For instance, "why did you turn left when you should have turned right?" asks for information about the decision-making process that led to the turn. The wherefore clause determines whether something happened as a result of something else. For instance, "wherefore did the chicken cross the road?" asks why the chicken crossed the road.

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