What is another word for rebuttal?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪbˈʌtə͡l] (IPA)

A rebuttal is a response to an argument or statement, usually one made in opposition to your own. Synonyms for rebuttal include refutation, counterargument, contradiction, disproof, negation, and counterstatement. Refutation suggests proving an opponent's argument to be false or erroneous, while a counterargument offers an alternative proposition. A contradiction seeks to undermine the credibility of an argument by pointing out inconsistencies or flaws in its reasoning. A disproof aims to refute an argument by demonstrating its incompatibility with established facts or scientific evidence, while a negation seeks to deny the validity of an argument entirely. Meanwhile, a counterstatement operates as a concise and effective response to an opponent's claim.

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The antonyms for the word "rebuttal" include agreement, acceptance, affirmation, approval, concession, endorsement, and admission. These terms signify an acknowledgement of the validity of an argument or claim without attempting to refute it. Rather than presenting counterarguments or evidence to discredit the original claim, these words suggest a willingness to acknowledge its merit or truthfulness. In contrast, "rebuttal" implies a disagreement or opposition to an argument and a need to refute it with alternative evidence or reasoning. Understanding the range of antonyms for "rebuttal" can help individuals approach debates or arguments in a more nuanced and open-minded manner.

Usage examples for Rebuttal

I ain't going to sum up the case against Brookville; the parson's done it already; if there's any rebuttal coming from the defendant, now's the time to bring it before the court....
"An Alabaster Box"
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
We'll call evidence in rebuttal to prove that he is a liar-that he couldn't have seen the window.
"The Hampstead Mystery"
John R. Watson
To be sure, the time for presenting testimony to the court was passed, unless it was in the way of rebuttal; but how did he know but what Miss Dare had a fact at her command which would help the prosecution in overturning the strange, unexpected, yet simple theory of the defence?
"Hand and Ring"
Anna Katharine Green

Famous quotes with Rebuttal

  • The atmosphere at the conference was frankly hostile. (...) It was up to people from the audience to protest and oblige the chairperson to allow me to read out my paper. When it was my turn, I was heckled somewhat by the Leftist crowd, especially by a well-known Indo-American Communist academic, who was rolling his eyes like a madman and making obscene gestures until an elderly American lady sitting next to him told him to behave. At the end, Mathew came to collect a copy of my text (the book version, of which I had some author's copies handy), called me a "liar, and told his buddies that they needed to write a scholarly rebuttal. Which is still being awaited today.
    Koenraad Elst

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