What is another word for determinants?

Pronunciation: [dɪtˈɜːmɪnənts] (IPA)

Determinants refer to the factors that affect or determine a particular outcome or decision. There are several synonyms for the word "determinants," including influences, variables, factors, causes, conditions, circumstances, elements, and components. All of these synonyms emphasize the idea that there are various things that contribute to a particular outcome or decision. For instance, in a medical context, determinants of health may include genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. In an economic context, determinants of production may include labor, land, and capital. In all cases, understanding the determinants is crucial for making informed decisions and achieving desired outcomes.

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What are the opposite words for determinants?

Determinants are factors that affect a situation and lead to a specific outcome or result. The antonyms of the word determinants are the words that refer to the opposite of determination or factors that do not determine the outcome of a situation. The list of antonyms for determinants includes inhibitors, obstacles, impediments, hindrances, hurdles, and barriers. Inhibitors and obstacles refer to factors that prevent or discourage an individual from achieving their goals. Hindrances and hurdles indicate the difficulties that one faces while attempting to achieve their objectives. Barriers, on the other hand, signify an obstacle that cannot be surpassed easily. All these antonyms are essentially the opposite of determinants as they impede progress and do not contribute to a successful outcome.

What are the antonyms for Determinants?

Usage examples for Determinants

It is to be observed that a system which has one set of determinants will in general have many.
"Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays"
Bertrand Russell
It follows that, if n states of the material universe are determinants of the material universe, then n states of a given man's mind are determinants of the whole material and mental universe-assuming, that is to say, that psycho-physical parallelism is true.
"Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays"
Bertrand Russell
A system may be defined as "mechanical" when it has a set of determinants that are purely material, such as the positions of certain pieces of matter at certain times.
"Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays"
Bertrand Russell

Famous quotes with Determinants

  • To probe for unconscious determinants of behavior and then define a man in their terms exclusively, ignoring his overt behavior altogether, is a greater distortion than ignoring the unconscious completely.
    Willard Gaylin
  • Sociobiology is not just any statement that biology, genetics, and evolutionary theory have something to do with human behavior. Sociobiology is a specific theory about the nature of genetic and evolutionary input into human behavior. It rests upon the view that natural selection is a virtually omnipotent architect, constructing organisms part by part as best solutions to problems of life in local environments. It fragments organisms into “traits,” explains their existence as a set of best solutions, and argues that each trait is a product of natural selection operating “for” the form or behavior in question. Applied to humans, it must view behaviors (not just general potentials) as adaptations built by natural selection and rooted in genetic determinants, for natural selection is a theory of genetic change. Thus, we are presented with unproved and unprovable speculations about the adaptive and genetic basis of specific human behaviors: why some (or all) people are aggressive, xenophobic, religious, acquisitive, or homosexual.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • Both thought and feeling are determinants of conduct, and the same conduct may be determined either by feeling or by thought.Stoic, Christian, and Buddhist saints are practically indistinguishable in their lives. The theories which Religion generates, being thus variable, are secondary; and if you wish to grasp her essence, you must look to the feelings and the conduct as being the more constant elements.This seems to me the first conclusion which we are entitled to draw from the phenomena we have passed in review.
    William James
  • The extreme ignorance and gullibility of the foreign press provides the negationists with a strategic cover. Most English-knowing Indians believe that the Western intelligentsia is more objective and competent, and they keep on believing this even in domains where the West is completely ignorant and incompetent. So the negationists feel supported in the back by an outside world which they can manipulate but which many in India still consider as a standard of truth. If the Hindu leadership had taken the trouble of studying the mental determinants of India's political configuration, it would have blown this cover away by spreading first-hand information to the foreign media, and educating them about the Stalinist-Islamic grip on the Indian establishment.
    Koenraad Elst
  • Ingenuity, knowledge, and organization alter but cannot cancel humanity's vulnerability to invasion by parasitic forms of life. Infectious disease which antedated the emergence of humankind will last as long as humanity itself, and will surely remain, as it has been hitherto, one of the fundamental parameters and determinants of human history.
    William H. McNeill

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