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[ˈantɪ], [ˈantɪ], [ˈa_n_t_ɪ]

Synonyms for Anti:

opposite (adjective)

antithetical, con, contra, contrary, converse, diametric, inverse, negative, opposite, reverse.

Other synonyms and related words:

From, Toward, across from, adventurous, adversarial, adversary, adversative, adverse, adversive, against, alien, ant, antagonist, antagonistic, anti-, antipathetic, antithesis, antithetic, antonymous, argumentative, averse, balancing, certainly not pro, clashing, compensating, competitive, competitor, conflict, conflicting, confronting, contend, contender, contestant, contradict, contradictory, contradistinct, contrapositive, contrariety, contrarious, contrary to, contrast, contrasted, contravene, controvert, counter, counteract, counteractive, counterbalancing, counterpoised, countervailing, creature, critical of, cross, dead against, dead set against, deduce, defiant, deny, derive, different, disaccordant, disagree, discordant, discrepant, disinclined, disobedient, disputatious, disputing, dissenter, dissentient, dissenting, dissentious, enemy, fight, fighting, foe, fractious, guess, hostile, hostile to, hostility, ill-disposed, in exchange for, in opposition, in opposition to, inconsistent, indisposed, induce, infer, inimical, insurrection, into, introspect, invalidate, kind of matter, loath, man, match, meditate, mutiny, nay sayer, naysayer, negate, noncooperative, not a supporter, not for, not pro, objector, obstinate, obverse, one who's against, opponent, oppose, opposed, opposed to, opposer, opposing, opposing voice, opposition, oppositional, oppositionist, oppositive, oppugnant, overthwart, person, personage, personality, perverse, ponder, prefix with matter, rebellion, recalcitrant, refractory, reluctant, repugnant, resentful, resist, resistant, resister, revolt, rival, ruminate, show, soul, speculate, squared off, turn back, uncooperative, understand, unfavorable, unfavourable, unfriendly, unpropitious, unwilling, versus, voting no.

Rhymes for Anti:

  1. shanty;
  2. canty, scanty, panty, auntie;
  3. chianti;
  4. vigilante;

Quotes for Anti:

  1. This sympathy is not translated into force against the British government because it is not like the anti apartheid movement which had a high profile here and Mandela is a more engaging figure than Yasser Arafat. Tom Paulin.
  2. More recently, as faith gave way to materialism, anti -Semitism assumed a secular mode, harnessing itself to the dominant ideologies of both the Left and the Right. Jack Schwartz.
  3. As every new breed of virus is conceived, created and released into the wild, another small change is made to the anti -virus software to combat the new threat. Glenn Turner.