What is another word for nearly?

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[ nˈi͡əli], [ nˈi‍əli], [ n_ˈiə_l_i]

Nearly, almost, practically, virtually, close to, just about, approximately, roughly, just short of, not quite, nearly all, borderline, verging on, on the brink of, flirting with, within sight of, on the cusp of, scarcely short of, almost every, all but, within an inch of, within a hairbreadth of, but not quite, on the threshold of, nearing, approaching. These are all synonyms for nearly, which means to come close to something but not quite reach it. Whether you're talking about time, distance, or quantity, these words can help you describe something that is almost there.

Synonyms for Nearly:

How to use "Nearly" in context?

Nearly is a word that means very nearly or almost. It is used to say that something is very close to something else. For example, "He nearly died in the accident." means that he almost died in the accident.

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