What is another word for AMPS?

Pronunciation: [ˈamps] (IPA)

AMPS, or amperes, can be described using a variety of different synonyms. Some of the most common alternatives include current, flow, electric power, intensity, and strength. Other synonyms may include electrical potential, conductivity, and electric charge. Each of these terms provides a slightly different angle on the concept of electrical power and the measurement of amperes. Depending on the context and specific application, different words may be more appropriate and provide a clearer understanding of the electrical system or device in question. Understanding the nuances and variations of these synonyms can help engineers and professionals in the field of electrical engineering to communicate more effectively and accurately.

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Usage examples for Amps

The prospect of the journey, the desire to make the acquaintance of this land of sunshine which Delacroix, DecAMPS, and Fromentin had taught him to love, for a few days gave a false strength to the poor sufferer, which produced a deceptive appearance of renewed health and even deceived the artist himself.
"Bastien Lepage"
Fr. Crastre
Ask if they brought Darcy's AMPS, okay?
"An Encounter in Atlanta"
Ed Howdershelt

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