What is another word for at various times?

Pronunciation: [at vˈe͡əɹɪəs tˈa͡ɪmz] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the phrase "at various times" that can be used to add variety and nuance to your writing. One option is "at different junctures," which implies a series of distinct moments or decision points. "Intermittently" suggests a sporadic or irregular pattern, while "periodically" implies a more regular but still intermittent occurrence. "Occasionally" is a more casual alternative that suggests a less structured or predictable timeline. Finally, "from time to time" is a simple and direct way to convey the idea of something happening at irregular intervals. Using synonyms for "at various times" can help to keep your writing fresh and engaging.

What are the hypernyms for At various times?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for at various times?

"At various times" can be used to indicate that something has occurred or will occur at different times or intermittently. Antonyms for this phrase include "simultaneously," which implies that something is happening concurrently or all at once, and "consistently," which suggests that something is occurring regularly or without interruption. Another antonym for "at various times" is "uniformly," which implies that something is occurring at the same level or intensity throughout. "Periodically" could also be considered an antonym, as it suggests that something occurs regularly but with gaps in between occurrences. These antonyms can help to provide greater specificity and clarity in describing the timing and frequency of events or actions.

What are the antonyms for At various times?

Famous quotes with At various times

  • Wild Bill was anything but a quarrelsome man yet I have personal knowledge of at least half a dozen men whom he had at various times killed.
    Buffalo Bill
  • It has been suggested at various times that I should start an operation in the United Kingdom but - bearing in mind my age and medical history - I think this would be not a very sensible way to go forward.
    Martin Fleischmann
  • Our party may have swung too far right at various times.
    Ed Gillespie
  • I've found even after nearly 30 years of doing this, there are all kinds of new surprises that rear their heads at various times and I truly believe that 51% of the images, success takes place in the darkroom.
    John Sexton
  • I think I'm much less self confident today. I actually went through a quite painful period because of that thinking that I was completely hopeless. But I think that's something that we all go through at various times of our lives and it was quite a sustained thing with me.
    Hugo Weaving

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