What is another word for Isochronous?

Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ɪsəkɹənəs] (IPA)

Isochronous is a term used in engineering and computing to refer to systems that operate at a constant, unvarying rate. It describes systems where the time interval between events is constant and does not fluctuate. There are several other words that can be used to convey the same meaning as isochronous. These include synchronous, uniform, regular, in-phase, and timed. Each of these words can be used to describe a system or process that maintains a consistent rate of operation. Whether you're discussing the workings of a computer network, an electric motor, or a musical instrument, these synonyms for isochronous can help you communicate your ideas with clarity and precision.

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What are the hypernyms for Isochronous?

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What are the opposite words for Isochronous?

Isochronous is a term used to refer to things that are synchronous or which happen at the same time. When we talk about antonyms of the word isochronous, we refer to things that are not synchronous or don't happen at the same time. For example, asynchronous is an antonym of isochronous. This term is used to refer to things that don't occur at the same time or which follow a different time scale. Another antonym of isochronous is irregular which means following no particular pattern or schedule. These terms are used to differentiate between two events or things that happen at different times or follow different schedules or patterns.

What are the antonyms for Isochronous?

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Usage examples for Isochronous

Appetite however was gone, all seemed amazed to sit down to dinner at such an unusual hour; the jaws had not that Isochronous measure which announces a regular business.
"The Physiology of Taste"
Brillat Savarin
A speaking tone, on the contrary, is produced by vibrations which are not Isochronous; it is not a note, properly so called, and can not be prolonged, without varying in pitch.
"The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886"
Ministry of Education
Foster, Isochronous Oscillations in a resisting medium, Observations on a strange piece of Iceland Spar.
"Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy"
George Biddell Airy

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