What is another word for orbital?

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The word "orbital" is often used in reference to the movement of an object in a gravitational field. It has several synonyms that are used in different contexts. One such is "circular," which refers to something having a round or curved shape. Another synonym is "elliptical," which describes something having a shape similar to an oval. "Revolutionary" is another synonym, indicating a consistent pattern of movement around a central point. "Circular trajectory" is another synonym, referring to a path that is round or circular. "Rotational" refers to something that spins on its axis, while "spherical" describes an object that is round in three dimensions. These synonyms help to expand the scope of the word "orbital" and make it easier to describe different types of movement and shapes.

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    How to use "Orbital" in context?

    Orbital is defined as a path or orbit around a body. It is also a type of spaceflight. Orbital mechanics is the science and study of the motion and orbital elements of spacecraft. Orbital trajectories are used for satellite control, navigational aid, and even intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is also the application of mathematics and physics to predict the behavior of objects in space.

    The first spacecraft to orbit the Earth was Enrico Fermi's USS Atom in 1946. The Explorer 1 satellite was orbited by the Soviet Union on January 31, 1958. It was the first artificial satellite to be placed in orbit around the Earth.

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