What is another word for brighten?

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Brighten is a verb that means to make something brighter or to become brighter. There are several different synonyms for brighten, including illuminate, light up, lighten, and gladden. Illuminate suggests providing light or clarity to something, while light up suggests adding a spark or excitement to a situation. Lighten can be used to mean making something less heavy or serious, while gladden implies making someone feel happy or joyful. Other synonyms for brighten include perk up, cheer up, and enliven, all implying a sense of improving or revitalizing a situation or mood. Ultimately, whatever synonym you choose, the idea is to bring light and positivity to a situation.

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One easy way to brighten your day is to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Not only will this increase your general well-being, but it can also help lift your spirits. Check your calendar and find an event that you can attend that features mild weather and plenty of outdoor activities. Alternatively, make your home an inviting place to be, with cheerful decor and bright colors. If you find yourself feeling down, take a few minutes to read or listen to something happy and uplifting. This can quickly brighten your mood and put you in a good place to start your day.

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