What is another word for Declassed?

Pronunciation: [dɪklˈast] (IPA)

"Declassed" refers to those who have lost their social position or status due to a variety of reasons such as financial instability, lack of education, or social discrimination. Some synonyms for "declassed" include "disadvantaged," "impoverished," "marginalized," "excluded," "underprivileged," and "disenfranchised." These terms describe individuals or groups who have limited access to resources, opportunities, and power. Other related synonyms include "deprived," "oppressed," "neglected," and "vulnerable." These words highlight the challenges that declassed individuals face in achieving upward mobility and can be used to bring attention to social inequalities and justice issues.

What are the hypernyms for Declassed?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Declassed

You will have nourished at your table the Declassed-a product which costs dear and is worthless.
"The Simple Life"
Charles Wagner
He cannot afford to marry her-even if he could be divorced; for he would have to work to support her, and be Declassed.
"The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me"
William Allen White
The week which succeeded was a nightmare to Janice, her mother constantly recurring to her wickedness, the servants addressing her with a scared breathlessness which made her feel that she was indeed Declassed for ever, while the people of the neighbourhood, when she ventured out-of-doors, either grinned broadly or looked dourly when they met her, showing the girl that her shame was town property.
"Janice Meredith"
Paul Leicester Ford

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