What is another word for chagrin?

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Chagrin is an emotion that describes the feeling of embarrassment, disappointment, or frustration. It's a complex emotion that can be described using various synonyms. Some of the popular synonyms for chagrin include mortification, humiliation, vexation, irritation, exasperation, and annoyance. These words capture the sense of disappointment and frustration that chagrin conveys. Other synonyms for chagrin include discomfiture, embarrassment, shame, and dishonor. These words can be used in a variety of contexts, such as social events, work situations, or personal relationships, to capture the feeling of regret, loss, or failure. The use of synonyms can help to enrich the language and add texture to the way we express ourselves.

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The antonyms for the word "chagrin" are satisfaction, joy, happiness, pleasure, and contentment. Satisfaction is the feeling of fulfillment when a goal or desire is achieved. Joy is an intense and ecstatic feeling of delight and elation. Happiness is a state of emotional well-being that is characterized by feelings of contentment and satisfaction. Pleasure is a feeling of enjoyment and gratification. Contentment is the state of being satisfied with what one has or where one is in life. These antonyms are the opposite of chagrin, which is a feeling of embarrassment, frustration, or disappointment.

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