What is another word for terror?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛɹə] (IPA)

Terror is a word that is commonly used to describe intense feelings of fear or anxiety. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used to describe similar emotions and experiences. Some of the most common synonyms for terror include horror, fright, panic, alarm, and dread. Other synonyms for this word may include trepidation, unease, apprehension, and nervousness. Whether you're writing a thriller novel or trying to describe a terrifying event, using synonyms for terror can help you convey the intensity of the situation and evoke strong emotions in your readers or audience.

Synonyms for Terror:

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What are the opposite words for terror?

The word "terror" refers to a feeling of extreme fear or anxiety. However, it has several antonyms that denote the opposite meaning. One such antonym is "calmness," which refers to a state of peace and tranquility. Other antonyms of "terror" include "courage," which represents the presence of bravery and boldness in the face of danger. Similarly, "fearlessness" is also an antonym for "terror," indicating the absence of fear. Another antonym for "terror" is "serenity," denoting a sense of harmony and peacefulness. Thus, these antonyms of "terror" provide a range of alternative meanings that can help express a different set of emotions in communication.

What are the antonyms for Terror?

Usage examples for Terror

The boys and girls looked around in terror.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
With a cry of terror she hid her face and clung to him.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
Oh, what a sorrow and terror-if you had not come-I can never make you know.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine

Famous quotes with Terror

  • I don't remember what was going through my mind, but what was going through my body was fear and terror. I had been on the road with Johnny and working gigs and playing a lot of the organ clubs.
    John Abercrombie
  • If there ever was a religious war full of terror, it was the crusades. But you can't blame Christianity because a few adventurers did this. That's my message.
    Moustapha Akkad
  • No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother.
    Marie Antoinette
  • I have cultivated my hysteria with pleasure and terror.
    Charles Baudelaire
  • The study of beauty is a duel in which the artist cries with terror before being defeated.
    Charles Baudelaire

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