What is another word for disrepute?

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Disrepute is a term that suggests a loss of respect or a decline in reputation. Some synonyms for disrepute include disgrace, dishonor, and disesteem. Other words that may convey a similar meaning include infamy, notoriety, and stigma. These words all suggest a negative impression, whether it involves an individual, an organization, or an action. Other synonyms for disrepute may include scorn, disdain, or contempt, depending on the context. Ultimately, disrepute may be described in many different ways, but it always suggests a tarnished reputation and a loss of esteem.

Related words: mean, disgraceful, dishonorable, scurrilous, unenviable, controversial, ignominious, infamy, opprobrious

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    The word "disrepute" is derived from the Latin meaning "to break the reputation of." It is used to describe the state of having a bad reputation or the condition of being a discredit to one's profession or name. In broader terms, it can refer to any bad or even negative reputation that someone may have. Disrepute can be caused by things like criminal activity or misconduct, but can also be caused by things like slander or libel. Though losing a reputation can be difficult, it can also be damaging in many ways. In the economy, for example, a country's reputation can impact its ability to trade with other countries.

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